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This game is fantastic :)

Do you have some update for your fans ?! :p


Thanks! The game is undergoing serious playtesting atm. I'm also balancing enemy difficulty, but things are progressing smoothly. I'm currently posting art and short excerpts from the instruction booklet on twitter. Starting next month I will be posting more extensively on design choices and mechanics.


Thanks for the feedback ! You have 1 more follower :)


Man i love this

Thank you!

Made a video


Awesome! Thanks for covering my game! There' s a cave exit if you keep digging. And also a second island to explore after that.

Game is still being worked on. It's nearing completion and should be out early next year.

Really happy to hear some news about the game didn't know if it was still happening or not since it's been so quiet. Love the game mainly the characters fighting animations he has sooo many different attacks. Love to play the game again when it comes out and actually make it to the next island.

Deleted post

This game looks beatiful, reminds me some 16 bit games for the snes.

Thanks! That's what I'm going for :)

fantastic style, works really well! :D

Thank you!

This game looks so good! Is there any chance of a Linux export?

Thank you! I will looking into a Linux version

Very good game so far, but I seem to be a bit stuck at the second world

Thank  you! Aside from the main dungeon, most of the second island is open to explore. But first you need to get an item from a certain NPC.


Cool demo. Hope you keep it up. It's got a very cool look.

Thanks for covering my game! The demo goes on for quite a bit longer, actually. The box in the cave has the item you need, then give it to the mouse

The download doesn't work for me

I have reuploaded it, please try again